Who should consider Email Marketing?

You know you need to attract new customers and keep existing clients coming back, but you can’t afford to invest time or resources into something that isn’t going to deliver the expected results. Email marketing is a cost-effective solution that gives businesses the power to reach customers in a place most people visit every day — their inbox.

Email marketing only works if you have enough people to send email to. Tips of Building Your Email List:
  • On-site popup: They’re annoying, but they work. Set popups to appear once every 60 seconds until someone signs up or leaves.
  • Partner Marketing: Partnering with other companies in your niche can help build your list. If you’re in music, you can share lists with another music company.
  • At Signup: You can grab their email address and opt them onto your list. In the US, we can opt people right in. In Canada, it is against the law. These laws change, you’ll need to stay on top of them.
  • Events: Grab email addresses at conferences/events and wire them onto your list. Just don’t trick people into signing up for a list they don’t want to be on.

Once you have a list, the process of what to do next can be daunting. You have a bunch of emails you can send, but aren’t sure what to do first and how to do it correctly. Here are some best practices to help:

  • Test EVERYTHING: Use the analytics that are built into your email marketing tool. Test everything people have told you (including the tips in this post) and every assumption you have. You’ll be surprised what turns out to be incorrect.
  • Watch Unsubscribe Rates: Unsubscribe rates will provide you with your first indicator of trouble. If you see these starting to spike, you know you’re doing something terribly wrong.
  • Take Advantage of Preheaders: These are the small snippets of text that appear after the subject line. Use it to write something relevant that will help get the message opened and read.
  • Filter your List: Keep it trim and remove people who are not engaged. Don’t delete them, but put them in a group that you don’t send to.

Quick Wins: You should, of course, test these as well:

  • Personalized Subject Lines: Use people’s names in emails. You’re more likely to get a better CTR if the subject line is “(Your name), there is a sale today” instead of “There’s a sale today”.
  • Keep it simple: Keep your emails simple – 1 header image, a secondary image, some text that delivers the value proposition, and the CTA.
  • Send T/W/Th between 8 & 9AM: This applies for B2B emails only. Retail is wildly variable. Test to see which times work best for you.

Quick hack: Send an email with a similar product offer a few weeks after their order. If they bought leather shoes, send them an email a few weeks later with an offer for leather shoe care.

To maximize the performance of your email marketing, continually focus on four major ways to improve your campaigns:

  1. Mobile devices should be your top priority in your Email Marketing strategy.
  2. increasing your delivery rate, which gets your message across to more people
  3. increasing your open rates by testing different subject lines, shorter subject lines and shorter emails almost always perform better.
  4. “from” email addresses; and improving your response rates by testing different ways to encourage your recipients to respond.

We also offer a self-service email marketing option for those businesses that have the in-house capacity, but need the support of an experienced email marketing provider for strategic guidance, advanced features or development.

So get in touch today to find out how we can aid your business with Email marketing..


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