March 18, 2017

​Financial Plan

financial plan

Avoid Surprises, Plan For Success, Secure Funding –  Because It’s All In The Numbers…!!

Of all the reasons as to why businesses fail, insufficient cash flow (lack of financial plan) is one of the most common. And often it is not due to the lack of business itself or sales generated, but the mismanagement of the available funds. Cash is the lifeblood of your business, and without proper cash flow management and planning your business will die.

Cash flow is vital but is not all you need. Having an understanding and an estimate of your set up costs, forecast of a profit and loss account and your business break-even point are paramount to starting and running a successful business. Planning ahead identifies your borrowing needs and supports your funding application, allows you to monitor business performance and uncovers potential problems before they become an issue.

DigitalMarketingOnlineServices specialize in financial forecasts for new businesses and have a track record of helping to secure funding for new ventures. We provide realistic financial projections for one or several years ahead. You can order your Financial Plan as a separate document or to complete your Startup Business Plan or Business Plan.

Benefits of a professional Financial Plan:​

  • Summarises your Start-up costs or Expansion costs
  • Clarifies viability of your business idea and helps to prevent you from going into a business that will not be successful
  • Identifies your borrowing needs
  • Helps you to secure funding
  • Sets financial performance targets
  • Highlights periods when your business may need extra financial help
  • Helps you to spot problems early so you can make plans for the necessary solution
  • All information you provide us with is confidential
  • And finally, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee! So you’ve got nothing to lose! 

What is included in a Financial Plan?​

  • Summary of Start-up costs or Expansion costs (for existing businesses)
  • Sales projections by month
  • Cash Flow projections by month
  • Annual Profit and Loss account projections
  • Break-even analysis (if required)

How does it work? How long does it take?​

  1. Call us on 916 7700 464 or Request a Call Back 
  2. Book a time to brief our friendly planner over the phone
  3. One hour (approximately) telephone briefing is conducted to confirm the scope of works and pick up details
  4. We send you an invoice for the full amount
  5. One business day following our receipt of the full payment you will receive a draft Financial Plan for your comments / approval
  6. One business day following our receipt of your comments you will receive your final Financial Plan

How much does a Financial Plan cost?​​

A 1-year Financial Plan ordered together with your Business Plan costs £295 excl. GST, every subsequent year is £100.

A 1-year Financial Plan ordered as a separate document costs at £395 excl. GST, every subsequent year is £100.