February 21, 2017

Strategic Business Plan

Strategic Business Plan

Strategic business plan is a process employed by successful businesses where they continuously monitor the ever-changing external and internal business environments, and regularly review their strategies and business plans to maintain or achieve the company’s desired position.

Our Strategic Business Planning services are designed to help businesses establish an effective strategic business planning process and promote strategic thinking through:

  • Review and Analysis of the internal business environment;
  • Review and analysis of the external business environment;
  • Support in strategy choice and formulation including corporate (portfolio) strategy, business (competitive advantage) strategy, and functional level (business processes) strategies;
  • Development of a sound strategy implementation plan supported by evaluation tools for subsequent review and control;

and produce a number of strategic process outputs such as:

  • Strategic Business Plan – a document defining the organisation’s desired position, focus and direction, and outlining its strategic priorities, goals and objectives, and rational and implementable strategies to achieve it;
  • Operational Business Plans – documenting functional level strategies and establishing activities, measures and budgets for marketing, manufacturing, R&D, IT and other operating divisions in an organisation;
  • Strategy Maps and Scorecards;
  • Strategy linked Budgets including detailed Capital requirements, Sales, Cash Flow and Profit & Loss accounts.

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Strategic Business Plans and other strategy documents are usually written for internal use by the Management or Board of Directors. The starting point in the process is a detailed review of the existing business and as such requires a significant information input and participation from the Client. Strategic Business Plans are prepared by our Head Planner. Communication with the Client can be carried over the phone, but a meeting in person is an advantage.

​Benefits of a professionally written Strategic Business Plan:
  • Provides you with an independent detailed professional review of your business
  • Provides you with a professionally written, researched and well presented strategic document
  • Clearly defines the outcomes that the business is seeking to achieve
  • Outlines a strategy for achieving set goals
  • Equips you with an effective implementation plan and the tools for its execution
  • Provides you with an opportunity to start making changes in your business quicker and with a clear plan
  • Defines the levels of effort and time frames to be involved
  • Saves you time researching, gathering, documenting and formatting information
  • All information you provide to us is confidential
How does it work? How long does it take?​
  1. Call us on 916 7700 464 or Request A Call Back
  2. Book a time with our Head Planner. During our meeting or a telephone interview we will discuss your needs and the goals that your business strives to achieve. Following this, you will receive an obligation-free proposal clearly stating the brief for the Strategic Business Plan and involved processes, the outcomes of our services, steps involved, and the time frame to compete our services.
  3. It takes from 7 working days to complete a Strategic Business Plan.​
How much does a Strategic Business Plan cost?

Strategic Business Planning services prices start from £2,500 excluding GST. The price is driven by the amount of work involved. The payments are 50% once the proposal has been agreed, and 50% prior to the Client’s receiving the final document.