February 21, 2017

Business Advance Plan

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Business plans, prepared for the attention of business advance and venture funds, are typically written in quite a different way compared to a business plan created to assist in obtaining more modest funding. Despite being very detailed it has to be ultimately concise.

Business advance receive investment proposals in multiples every month, hence your number one priority is to grab their attention from the first page, so that your business plan does not go straight in the bin. In this case, first impressions count like nowhere else.

Also, very successful business men and women are notoriously busy people and therefore, they do not have time to read volumes of literature. In order to get a business advance interested enough to continue to read your business plan beyond the first paragraph, and then get them to want to invest in you by the time they have read the last page, your business plan must be written very skilfully and pre-empt the majority of your investor’s questions.

At DigitalMarketingOnlineServices, writing this type of investment proposals and business plans is our particular strength. We have successfully delivered tens of business plans seeking multi million investments. Most importantly, the success rate of projects securing funding based on our business plans is very high.

Benefits of a professionally written Business Advance Plan:
  • Written by the Head Planner with Masters in Economics and Accounting and 15 years of international business experience
  • Ensures the content and format meets selection criteria of your audience
  • Addresses specific issues, which businesses seeking significant investment must cover
  • Saves you time researching, gathering, documenting and formatting information
  • Provides you with an opportunity to move your business forward quicker
  • Presents you as a professional business person with serious intentions
  • All information you provide us with is confidential. Signing a Non Disclosure Agreement is a standard practice for us.

How does it work? How long does it take?

Call us on 916 7700 464 or Request A Call Back
Book a time with our Head Planner. During our meeting or a telephone interview we will discuss your needs and the goals that your business wants to achieve.
Following the meeting, you will receive an obligation-free proposal clearly stating the brief for the Business Advance Plan, the outcomes of our services, steps involved, and the time frame to complete our services.
It typically takes two weeks to write a business plan of this scale. However, every project is individual and we can be more specific once we know what yours entails.

How much does a Business Advance Plan cost?

Business Advance Plan costs from £2,500 excluding GST. The price is driven by the amount of work involved, the size of the document and graphic content. The payments are 50% once the proposal has been agreed, and remaining 50% prior to the Client’s receiving the final document.