February 21, 2017

Market Research – StartUp

Market Research - StartUp

A successful business needs a deep understanding of its potential and existing customers and the marketplace it operates in. A quality market research helps you identify your customers’ needs and what your competitors are doing. It also helps you to concentrate on the right business strategy for your venture – be it price leader, product differentiation or niche – and allocate your financial and human resources most effectively.

DigitalMarketingOnlineServices Team can help you with researching your market size and trends in your chosen industry and identifying your customer base. We will deliver your market research report in a day!

You can request this service in addition to your Startup Business Plan or Business Advance Plan ordered with us or as a separate document.

Why do Market Research?
  • Helps you to identify your potential customers
  • Gives an insight into your existing customers’ behaviour
  • Provides basis for realistic targets, such as growth, sales or introduction of new products
  • Helps to develop effective strategies and allocate resources
  • Examines and solves business problems
  • Identifies new business opportunities
  • Gives funders confidence to approve finance
  • Minimises the risk of doing business​
What is included in Market Research?

We can provide you with a separate five-page document covering the following:

  • Industry overview, market size, trends and forecast
  • Key success factors
  • Competition
  • Targeted customers

You can order Market Research as a part of the market section of your business plan.

​How does it work? How long does it take?
  1. Call us on 916 7700 464 or Request a Call Back
  2. Book a time to brief our friendly planner over the phone
  3. A telephone briefing is conducted to confirm the scope of works and pick up details
  4. We send you an invoice for the full amount
  5. One business day following our receipt of the full payment you receive your market research report
​How much does a Market Research cost?​

​Market Research ordered together with StartUp – Business Plan costs £295 excl. GST.

Market Research ordered as a separate document costs £395 excl. GST.