February 21, 2017

StartUp Business Plan

StartUp Business PlanYour Business Idea, Our Experts, Your Effective StartUp Business Plan

When starting a business it is essential to have an effective StartUp business plan. It will keep you focused on your long-term vision and on track to achieve your goals. It is also required for obtaining funding.

Planning helps you to work smarter rather than harder.

Writing a StartUp business plan, however, can be a daunting prospect, and if you have not done this before it is certainly quite a time-consuming task. You may find that by the time you have gathered all the required information and put pen to paper, a few months have passed, along with the initial thrill of starting your exciting new business.

DigitalMarketingOnlineServices Team can do it for you – in three days you will receive a professionally written business plan formulating your business concept, operating model and structure, and supported by Market Research and a Financial Plan (if ordered). All you need to do is invest one hour of your time to brief our business planner over the phone. We will do the rest!

Benefits of a professionally written StartUp Business Plan:
  • Saves you time researching, gathering, documenting and formatting information
  • Provides you with an opportunity to start your business quicker – you receive a tailor-made business plan in three days
  • Serves as a guide/action plan for setting up your business
  • Ensures the content and format suited for your purposes, be it a business loan application, supplier agreement or for yourself
  • Provides additional information you did not have – we can fill in the gaps based on industry averages and our experience
  • Defines the outcomes that the business is seeking to achieve
  • Defines the levels of effort and time frames
  • All information you provide us with is confidential
  • And finally, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee! So you’ve got nothing to lose.
What is included in a Startup Business Plan?

10-12 pages detailing:

  • Executive summary
  • Concept of the business
  • Products / services
  • Pricing strategy
  • Your competitive advantages
  • Operating model
  • Business structure and legal requirements
  • Organisational structure and personnel requirements
  • Owners’ or key personnel’s professional background & strengths
  • Marketing plan
  • Vision and mission
  • Goals and objectives
  • SWOT analysis
How does it work? How long does it take?
  1. Call us on 916 7700 464 or Request A Call Back
  2. Book a time to brief our friendly planner over the phone
  3. One hour (approximately) telephone briefing is conducted to confirm the scope of works and pick up details
  4. We send you an invoice for the full amount
  5. Two business days following our receipt of the full payment you receive a draft business plan for your comments / approval
  6. One business day following our receipt of your comments you receive the final business plan
How much does a Startup Business Plan cost?

Our Startup Business Plans cost £695 excl. GST.

Your Business Plan can be supported by a Market Research. Market Research ordered together with your Business Plan costs £295 (Market Research ordered as a separate document costs £395).

Your Business Plan can be supported by a Financial Plan. The price of a 1-year Financial Plan ordered together with your Business Plan is £295, every subsequent year is £100 (a 1-year Financial Plan ordered as a separate document costs at £395).