Mobile Marketing for Elite Business


Mobile Marketing for Elite Business
  • Short Message Service (SMS) – upto 500 contacts & 5000 messages per month (Optional) (enhance at additional cost)
  • Barcode / Quick Response (QR) Codes (Optional)
  • Location-based Services (LBS) (Optional)
  • Upto 24 Push notifications per month – (Optional) (enhance at additional cost)
  • Mobile ad Campaign based on per spending (Optional) (enhance at additional cost)
  • App Development (Optional)
  • WhatsApp messages every week (Optional) (enhance at additional cost)


Mobile Marketing for Elite Business is marketing that takes place via mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets or PDAs. Mobile marketing makes use of features of modern mobile technology such as location services to tailor marketing campaigns based on a customer’s location or frequently visited places. Mobile marketing is a way in which technology can promote personalized goods or services to a user who is constantly connected to a network via their mobile device.

Mobile marketing may include promotions sent through

  • SMS text messaging,
  • MMS multimedia messaging,
  • through downloaded apps using push notifications,
  • through in-app or in-game marketing,
  • through mobile web sites, or
  • by using a mobile device to scan QR codes.
  • Proximity systems and location based services can alert users based on geographic location or proximity to a service provider.


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